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To address the financial needs of individuals by providing an holistic approach to financial planning. In creating the financial plan we take into account the  client’s stage in life, family  circumstances, life goals, needs and aspirations.  We work on a fee basis and do not sell products or accept commissions.


Think of our services as a process or a road map to get from where you are today to where you would like to be at various points of time in the future. The services can also be used as an independent analysis of the financial direction now being navigated or a calculation of any shortfall risk-a risk of running out of money during the retirement years.

Meeting with client to :-

·                 Provide overview of services

·                 Develop a clear understanding of the objectives for the engagement and prepare engagement letter

·                 Obtain data and goal setting

·                 Presentation of the plan

Perform Analysis of:-

·                 Financial Statements and Insurance needs

·                 Retirement Plan

·                 Investment Planning

·                 Will and Estate planning

·                 Plans for children’s education

Financial Plan

·                 Summarize the data collected and financial situation.

·                 Convey financial planning decisions and recommendations. based on client’s needs without undue emphasis on purchasing specific investment products.

·                 Help implement the financial plan

·                 Monitor plan on an ongoing basis